At Basso you have the opportunity to have banquets and events. We have two special banquets menus and we can also provide rooms and skilled staff. You can always send an inquiry and we will find the solution that best suits your company.

We have banqueting rooms in the basement where we are able to accommodate up to 65 dining guests in their own room, or 130 divided into 2 floors. So whether you are going to celebrate a birthday party, a football match or the like, we have the perfect solution. We also offer a smaller room which you can rent for yourself. The stable where you can sit alone up to 20 people.

Everything you see on the different banquet menus is part of the menu. Therefore, you can not choose between the different dishes. Everything is served and pre decided.
We promise that there is plenty of food and a lot of different flavours. There is something in everyones taste.

There is a vegan/vegetarian option for every menu.

Wine menu

4 glasses for our 10 servings menu

288,- pr person

5 glasses for our 13 servings menu

338,- pr person