New Year’s Eve 2019

At Basso we love a good party and the last evening of the year is one of the absolute highlights of the year! You can choose to celebrate in our restaurant, which is set for a festive end to the year, or you can get our delicious New Year’s menu home. Read more below.

Crispy croustade - Mushroom purée, pickle & King Bolete dust
Crisp pork - Freeze-dried yoghurt & dried tomato
Parmesan chips - Truffle cream, marigold & olive oil
Panko breaded tuna - Caviar, fermented garlic mayo & chervil

Fresh buffalo mozzarella - Pickled tomatoes, basil & smoked salt
Salted cod - Pancetta, tomato & acidified cream
Il Tricolore - Bresaola, baby gem lettuce & garlic cream


Creamy risotto – Mascarpone, parmesan & white wine
Italian “Baos” - Tomato sauce, spicy meatball & parmesan
Beetroot - Juice, balsamic vinegar & ricotta

Main course
Rigata pasta – Spicy salsiccia, parsley & garlic
Beef tenderloin - Morel sauce, pickled brown beech mushrooms & caramelized onions
Winter kale - Buttermilk, herb oil & roasted nuts

Olive oil cake - Puffed rice, vanilla ice cream & freeze-dried cherries
Homemade chocolate w. gold dust

Danish marzipan ring cake
A Danish tradition

6 hrs. open bar: Beer, wine, water & bubbles
1198,- per person

Xtra add-on: 5 hrs. open bar in cocktails on tap
300,- per person

Get your ticket

Ticket purchase is only possible in Danish. For English support, please call:
+45 69 15 69 83